Month: October 2018

Austin Kern presents at Fall Frontiers

Undergraduate Austin Kern presented a first look at some new data at the Fall Frontiers in Undergraduate Research. Austin examined the perception of emotion in speech as part of the temporal dynamics project which aims to build a computational model of electrophysiological responses to emotional prosody. He found that target Happy sentences were frequently categorized as Neutral, even though Happy […]

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Yingnan Jin receives undergraduate research award!

Congratulations to Yingnan Jin on receiving a PCLB undergraduate¬†research award! Her project will investigate online¬†telicity effects in native Chinese speakers. Participants will read pairs of English atelic (He wrote the book, but did not finish it/*He wrote three books, but did not finish them) and telic (He wrote the book, and finished writing it/He wrote three books, and finished writing […]

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