New tool for MRS voxel placement

The Voxel Positioning System (VPS) is a tool prototyped as a ParaView pipeline for interactively placing bounding boxes on a 3D volume, intended as an aid for planning single voxel magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) experiments.

VPS allows you to easily evaluate the feasibility of different voxel geometries based on expected field homogeneity, tissue fractions, and ROI content of a voxel. The desired geometry can then be saved as a transform that can be aligned to individual anatomy and/or entered directly into the scanner console to support systematic voxel placement across participants. Notably, this supports oblique voxel orientations around any axis.



  • Interactive voxel positioning
  • Oblique voxels
  • Live display of
    • B0 field inhomogeneity
    • GM/WM/CSF proportions
    • Atlas-based ROI overlap
  • Calculates the linear transform matrix associated with the voxel position

2 Replies to “New tool for MRS voxel placement”

  1. Will it work for online MRS voxel positioning? We are looking for a tool to place voxels automatically (Siemens, 3T Biograph). I just wanted to know.

    Would be grateful to you if you could respond.


    1. This tool alone will not let you position voxels online, but the output from this will feed into some <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>related scripts</a> to do that. I’ve sent you an email to explain in more detail.

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