Language is the bridge connecting us with the others in the world, but it may also be something that hinders us from being associated with the world. People who speak the same language can build their bonds easier with each other than those who do not. English, as the widely spoken global language, is learned by people all over the world. Given that different conditions and strategies of learning and the different cultural and linguistic environments, Will the interpretation and understanding of sentences in English by each English learners and the native speakers be different? In this study, we believe it will be. And we decided to focus on this difference between Chinese L1 speakers and English L1 speakers.

We are inviting both English native speakers and Chinese L1 English leaners to join this study that involes some little reading comprehension tests and questionnaires under an online eye-tracking system. Your participation will help to understand the difference in interpretation of English language across culture, and also help the English learners to find better way to understand English language.

To Participate

  • Over 18 years old
  • Native speaker of Chinese or Monolingual speaker of English
  • No history of language disorder
  • Spend 1 to 1.5 hour on this study
  • Visit in person
  • Have some little experiments on reading
  • $10/hr, rounded up to 15 minute increments

Contact us


Phone: 860-786-8896