Seed funding for `Genetic and Environmental Bases of Language Processing`

The NIDL Lab has a recieved an IBaCS seed grant to support research into how genetic and environmental factors contribute to the development of reading and language circuits.

Parents play a major role in the development of complex traits,such as reading and reading disorder, in their offspring through genetically and environmentally mediated pathways. The human brain has regionally varying sensitivity to genetic and environmental factors, including in circuits underlying reading. This sensitivity plays a significant role in mediating the intergenerational transmission of cognitive phenotypes from parent to offspring. The proposed research will significantly advance our understanding of brain-behavior co-segregation across maternal vs. paternal genetic backgrounds, and different environmental backgrounds, e.g. prenatal and postnatal environment, ultimately providing insight into the genetic origins of reading disorder, the timing and origins of environmental risks, and intervention targets in reading disorder.

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